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Introduction to the School of Artificial Intelligence

The School of Artificial Intelligence offers nine undergraduate majors, including electronic information engineering, computer science and technology, artificial intelligence, robotics engineering, data science and big data technology, Internet of Things engineering, software engineering, communication engineering, and financial technology. Currently, there are over 4,000 students, 116 teaching staff, 40 professional laboratories, and 3 industry-university-research practical training centers.The university has achieved several significant milestones, including 2 national first-class undergraduate major construction sites, and 1 key laboratory of the provincial science and technology department (the only one in the provinces private colleges and universities). Additionally, the university has received 1 first prize for provincial teaching achievements, 1 national first-class online and offline blended course, and 8 first-class courses at the provincial level. Furthermore, the university has 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center, and has also been awarded the national first prize for teaching achievements.The students of the college have accomplished notable achievements, including the approval of over 300 items of patents and software copyrights. They have also participated in 16 Class A events at the national level, and have been involved in 45 social service projects. Moreover, graduates of the university have been hired by prestigious companies such as Baidu, WPS, and Sohu, with their first career salaries exceeding 40,0000 RMB.

Introduction to the Faculty

The college employs 116 teaching staff members, 70 of whom are core teachers, assembling a diverse group of high-level talents, including young and middle-aged talents in scientific and technological innovation from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, collaborative members of the Education Ministrys Teaching Guidelines Committee, Fujian Minjiang Scholars Distinguished Professors, Fujian Minjiang Scholars Chair Lecturers, IEEE Fellows, Provincial and Ministerial Teaching Masters and Outstanding Teachers, Fujian Provincial Talents of the Hundred Program for the Introduction of High-level Taiwan Talents, Outstanding Young Research Talents of Fujian Universities, Excellent Talents of the New Century of Fujian Universities, and Fujian ABC Talents.

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