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Introduction to the School of CEO

The School of CEO is a peer learning alliance formed by students authorized by Yango University, under the guidance of the Board of Directors and the Steering Committee of CEO College. The alliance embodies qualities such as “Dare to break through and be creative”, global vision and strategic thinking, innovative spirit and practical ability, and potential for humanistic care and a sense of social responsibility, in accordance with the principles of equality and voluntariness. The School of CEO adopts the model of “students running their own university”, and the management team is made up of outstanding students of CEO College, with a rotating dean executive system under the leadership of the Board of Directors. It aims to provide a platform for students to learn systematically and to demonstrate their abilities, and to cultivate innovative management talents and future leaders with creative thinking ability, excellent professional ability, courage to challenge the status quo, and international vision.

The School of CEO offers students various opportunities for peer learning, resource acquisition, and real-world growth. They implement a “upgrade and evolution” training path that relies on high-quality educational resources both domestically and overseas, as well as resources from well-known corporate platforms, various walks of life, and alumni. The platform aims to provide CEO professional capacity training and facilitate real-world growth for students, serving as a platform for CEO career development and practical growth.

Introduction to the Faculty

Xinzhu Zhu,Executive Vice President of CEO College

Yujie Guo, Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Bachelor of Law.

Yanyu Wang,Director of the Steering Committee of CEO College,

Ph.D. in management in Japan, excellent teacher in Fujian Province.

Jiaqi Pan,Secretary General of Yango University CEO College Board,

Master of Management in Cultural and Creative Industries,

graduated from Taipei University of Education.

Contact Information

Tel: (0591) 88621373


Address: No.99,Denglong Road, Economic and Technological Development Zones, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China

闽ICP备 14018106号-3