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Introduction to the School of Cross-Border E-Commerce

There are three majors in Cross-Border E-Commerce School, cross-border electronic commerce, Business English, and Japanese. Leveraging the advantage of being located in China (Fujian) Free Trade Zone, the majors aim at serving outward-oriented enterprises. Thanks to the geographical proximity to enterprises, the college has been collaborating with companies to cultivate professionals who are proficient in foreign languages, have business acumen, possess cultural awareness and excel in critical thinking. These professionals meet the high-level talent demands of national and local economic development.

Focusing on school-enterprise projects, the college has gradually developed a cross-border e-commerce talent training system that includes on-campus basic theory courses, an off-campus mentorship program, co-built workshops, and a School-enterprise collaborative project. This system bridges the gap between school learning and employment, enabling the students to set clear learning and career goals as soon as they enter school.

Since its establishment, the college has turned out a group of outstanding individuals. Notable figures include doctoral supervisor Liang Linxin, General Manager Xu Zhennan of Xiamen Hexin E-commerce Co., Ltd., and Chairman Huang Wei of Fujian Weiyuan Mining Co., Ltd.

Introduction to the Faculty

The college has a faculty team consisting of top-notch professional professors, dual-qualified teachers and industry elites. currently, there are 20 full-time teachers, 100% of whom are dual – qualified and dual-proficient teachers, and most of whom have practical experience and overseas background. All teachers have a masters degree or above, and 25% hold a senior professional title.  It is a highly qualified team with a reasonable and stable structures in terms of professional title, age and academic background.

The academic leaders of the Cross-border E-Commerce, Business English and Japanese majors are respectively Professor Sun Jianhong, a PhD supervisor, Associate Professor Chen Hongchuan, a corpus expert, and Professor Li Junyang, a PhD supervisor. Under their leadership, the teaching process  incorporates the projects and cases from enterprises, emphasizing the cultivation of students applied skills, unleashing their creative potential in practical training.

The curriculum of business English majors is welded to the industrial chain, forming a distinctive and effective training model. The Japanese major is characterised by double crossover (cross-school and cross-border cooperation). It not only collaborate with other universities to develop quality courses, but also create  a joint college with Hiroshima University in Japan. There are undergraduate program with the 3+1 structure and undergraduate and master program with 3+3 structure.

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