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International Expansion of Courses! Metaverse and New Media College, and Asia Pacific College of the Philippines Have Reached an Agreement to Collaborate
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On March 27th, Metaverse and New Media College, and Asia Pacific College of the Philippines reached a formal agreement for cooperation and held a signing ceremony for “International Academic Exchange.” The event was attended by Prof. Mavic, Director of the Asia-Pacific Research Institute at the Philippine National University, Prof. Robert, Director of the Multimedia School at Asia-Pacific College, Prof. Jaime, Senior Education Specialist, as well as the leadership of the School of Metacosmos and New Media, and relevant teachers and staff from both institutions.

The cooperation mainly focuses on undergraduate and masters degree education in various interdisciplinary fields such as e-commerce, live e-commerce, film and media, multimedia design, digital media technology, computer and software engineering, network and new media, and more. The collaboration includes international lectures and training, joint scientific research projects, visits by scholars, teachers, and students, as well as academic sharing and other activities.

In the future, Metaverse and New Media College aims to share their new media-related applied education course content, teaching resources, and education model with international universities. This will be done through joint projects, academic exchanges, and cooperation among universities. The goal is to have mutual recognition and sharing of courses, as well as joint development and promotion. Additionally, they plan to provide online and offline teaching and research services to overseas universities to further promote the internationalization of the colleges curriculum and enable global sharing of high-quality educational resources.

Curriculum to the Sea represents a significant advancement in Yangos international curriculum. It has garnered full recognition from international colleges and universities for our universitys practical education approach and its effectiveness in educating students. Mr. Chi also mentioned that the college will globally promote its applied education methodology, backed by rigorous research, advanced educational concepts, and abundant teaching resources. The goal is to foster exceptional modern talent and advance academic excellence.

Robert Nelson Besana, the Dean of the School of Multimedia Arts at Asia Pacific College, is looking forward to the cooperation. He stated that this collaboration will offer teachers, students, and researchers from both universities a wider range of opportunities for international exchanges and cooperation. This presents an opportunity for both sides to further explore ways of cultivating talents in an applied mode and introducing more high-quality real-world training programs to achieve a win-win cooperation.

In the future, both sides will be dedicated to working together to establish a high-quality, international education and exchange platform. This platform will provide teachers and students with a broader opportunity for academic and cultural exchanges. Additionally, there will be a focus on developing high-quality projects for education and teaching.

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