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Yango University and Nanyan Village have entered into an agreement to foster strategic cooperation
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On April 20-21, when the Yango University Cross-border E-commerce College joined hands with Nanyan Village on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of rural revitalization construction, Vice President Zhang Hongxia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, Assistant to the President Yang Haijin and the team of teachers and students of the Cross-border E-commerce College went to Nanyan Village to carry out the celebratory activities and signed the strategic cooperation agreement.

Since 2019, Yango University has actively explored the practical path for universities to help rural revitalization. In response to the problems of industrial blank and labor outflow in Nanyan Village, it has organized a professional team to develop purely natural and zero-synthetic handmade soap products using the rich local fruits, vegetables, and herbaceous resources, and provide simple and easy-to-handle soap-making technology to help villagers to realize entrepreneurial employment at their doorsteps. At the same time, it creates an e-commerce platform for Nanyan Village, promoting the helping brand and broadening product sales. As the project cooperation continues to advance, Yango team also guides the villagers to replace all household toiletries with zero-synthetic detergents, building Fuan Citys first zero-synthetic detergent pilot village, implanting the concept of green development in the village, and promoting the development of new forms of cultural tourism and research.

On the afternoon of April 21st, the auditorium of Nanyan village was full and bustling with activity. The celebration was hotly carried out here, featured handmade soap cheongsam shows, three lines”, songs, and sign language performances. Teachers and students of Yango University and villagers of Nanyan Village jointly arranged wonderful programs for the fifth-anniversary celebration, making the activity site bustling with excitement.

After the activity, Yango University signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nanyan Village to support the development of local handmade soap industry, and cooperated on the research and development of herbal handmade soap products, the popularization and promotion of zero synthetic detergent in the village, product brand construction, and the construction of industry-university-research bases. At the same time, combined with the construction of the academy system of Yango University, the two sides reached a consensus to build the Nanyan Academy in the university, and built a general education course of soap maker.

Wang Shengxi, executive vice president of Fujian Rural Revitalization Research Association, said that thanks to Yango Universitys rich experience in rural revitalization, Nanyan Village is able to fill the industrial blank with distinctive handmade soap. He believes that with the help of the teachers and students, the development of the Nanyan handmade soap industry and the construction of a research village and cultural and creative village will continue to progress effectively and strive to build a demonstration benchmark of rural revitalization in Fujian Province.

President Qiao Haishu said that in the future, Yango University will continue to take advantage of its own resources to help Nanyan build a characteristic industry chain integrating study, cultural creation and agricultural industry.

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