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Yango Faculty and Students Create “Never-ending” Graduation Show for Graduates
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Click on the video to step into the “Yango Hall," where you'll encounter a cosmic holographic sphere with a symbol of infinite creativity. Here, you can enjoy the 360-degree exhibition works and interact online to understand the story behind each piece deeply. This online virtual graduation exhibition hall was developed by teachers and students of Metaverse and New Media College, making it the first of its kind in China. The virtual exhibition hall currently features nearly 50 outstanding graduation design works from the digital media technology major, covering themes such as animation production, film and television post-production, and virtual scene construction.

Online virtual graduation exhibition hall entrance)

During this digital graduation show, we showcased an innovation in space building technology. Ke Yexin, a digital media technology teacher at Yango University, introduced that the highlight of this exhibition is the use of Unreal Engine 5 technology, which has been used in the past for large-scale, high-quality game development, so the graphic rendering and visual effects of this exhibition hall are excellent. Notably, the background music used in the virtual digital exhibition hall’s promotional video was generated by AI, adding a high-tech atmosphere to the exhibition.

“We aim to establish a platform that never expires for graduates to showcase their self-growth, and the virtual exhibition hall is an effective way to fulfill this purpose,” said Ye Xin, a digital media technology teacher. The online virtual exhibition hall, as compared to the traditional graduation exhibition, overcomes the limitations of time and space. The exhibition content can be updated at any time, enabling wider reach and a longer-lasting impact.

“This is a very meaningful project!” Yuchen Zhang, a 2024 graduate majoring in digital media technology, took the initiative to participate in the design and development of the virtual graduation design exhibition hall. At university, he joined Teacher Ye Xin’s virtual 3D technology talent training class and completed the design and development of real projects such as the Taiwan Digital Museum and Xiamen University Nanyang Digital Library. “As I approach graduation, I hope to enhance my resume and give my classmates a unique graduation gift,” said Zhang Yuchen.

In the future, the team will continue to deepen technological innovation, expand the application scope of the online virtual exhibition hall, and also plan to extend coverage to all grades and majors in the university for the online virtual graduation exhibition hall. This will allow students from different grades and majors to showcase their creativity and talent.

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